Party vibes


First  you take the  steel drum the only percussive instrument,invented in the 20th century,in time however like a gifted mimic, the instrument has been able to mimic the tonality even  the character of conventional ones, yet it remains unequivocally the steel drum in the silver purity of it's sound with it's bell like resonance.Add a few people , some exotic drinks, good food and voila you are feeling a tropical breeze hearing the soft sounds of  the waves and smelling the sweet subtle scent of exotic blossoms,all together  an enjoyable journey through the imagination. A smooth blend of  Calypso, reggae, soca, caribbean and smooth Jazz

Steelpan music is a harmonious fusion of human spirit and elemental steel, echoing the soul's capacity to turn life's raw notes into a captivating melody of resilience and unity.